Becoming Wilson

by Emily

The message is loud and clear that we females of the world should aim to be as sexy (slutty) as possible on Halloween night. This is our night to shine and the more witty we can be about our costumes the better. For example going as a “cloud” and just wearing a light blue bath towel.. true story. Well, often times I seem to miss that memo. So you can imagine my excitement when Richard came up with the “Cast Away” costume idea. Giant volleyball? Umm… yes please!

Some of you have asked me about how I made the costume. I would just like to say that I’m deeply offended that it doesn’t look store bought. I’ve decided to move past it though and reveal the deep secret of how to make your very own Wilson Halloween costume. I think I’m suppose to smear “DIY” everywhere on this blog post right?

I should have taken more pictures, but this one lonely picture will have to do. I’ll explain it quick, so try and keep up!

-Purchase a very large beach ball.

-Cover said beach ball with paper mache & newspaper.

-Do not tell your landlord that you are paper mache-ing it up inside his apartment.


-Double paint the beach ball with white paint and use all of the fans in your house to help it dry in time for your party.

-I should have mentioned this sooner… tape down the beach ball. It has a tendency to roll away!

-Paint a large red Wilson face on your ball. You’ve only got one shot so make it good.

-Pop the beach ball or if you’re smarter than me, just let the air out and save the beach ball for future good times.

-Have a husband (preferably yours) lift the paper mache shell above you and lower it slowly so that you can slide your arms and head in. You should probably wear a shirt underneath.

-Big sigh of relief that you didn’t get anything on your landlord’s floors and big sigh of disappointment when you realize you can’t lower your arms without denting your new Wilson costume.

See that wasn’t so hard, right? Completely worth the time and money speant. I’d advise making a Wilson costume for all your friends and family for Christmas this year. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for ya!


This whole costume was for a Halloween party at our church. Richard and I were in charge of the ring toss and I melted to see him playing with all the little people in their costumes. Yes, caveman beard and all.. totally melted.




This is the cutest tiny human I’ve ever seen in real life. I asked his Dad if I could take a picture of him to send to my Mom (I’m so creepy), which obviously meant to post on my blog.