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Everything In-between

Brian Regan at the Majestic Emily’s Sunbeam class Unexpected Surprises A typical night out in San Antonio Hot chocolate at a fun cafe Emily out to lunch with her UTSA coworkers Peter Pan for Valentines Day Ally visiting San Antonio Favorite bakery – Bird Firefighter’s 1940s Gala – tickets from Rackspace Texas Friends, Kelsey and […]

Twin Pregnancy

I wouldn’t recommend being pregnant during the Texas summer. There really isn’t a way to avoid summertime in Texas though considering it’s hot about 300 days of the year. I’m exaggerating a little, but it was truly a hot summer this year! Luckily most of my pregnancy has been spent in an air-conditioned office or […]


Richard and I have a few bands that we are dying to see live someday. At the top of Richard’s list, way above all other bands, is Coldplay. So when we heard they were coming to Dallas for their final concert tour, we knew rain/shine, pregnant or not, we would be at that concert! Luckily […]

Babymoon in Austin

Richard and I had always wanted to take a “babymoon” before the day we became parents. One last hurrah before ending our party of two. Well, having twins changes things so we had a limited area to where we could travel. Really it was anything driving distance, so Austin we went! Austin did not disappoint […]