by Emily

Richard and I have a few bands that we are dying to see live someday. At the top of Richard’s list, way above all other bands, is Coldplay. So when we heard they were coming to Dallas for their final concert tour, we knew rain/shine, pregnant or not, we would be at that concert! Luckily it was on a Saturday, so we made a little weekend trip of it. We stopped in Waco on the way up. After months of watching the TV show, Fixer Upper, we had to see the stomping grounds of Chip and Joanna Gaines.




The concert was absolutely amazing! Coldplay knows how to throw a great show. Everyone in the audience was given a wrist band that would light up with whatever song was playing, so it made the audience look like a sea of sparkling stars. It was quite the sight to see! One of the benefits to Richard and I being the same age is that a lot of music coincides with the same memories. We sang along to all the classic hits of Coldplay remembering “this was so high school” or “this was so college” and best of all “this is when we fell in love”. Coldplay came out with one of our favorite songs, “Till Kingdom Come”, right before we got engaged. It was a special memory to hear it live, but this time married, even more in love, and very pregnant with twins.