What can I say? I’m the other half of Richard and often the voice of this blog. I work at Stanford in the MBA Admissions office with some really neat people and enjoy running after work.

Other than that, you’ll quickly learn that I love good food. Who doesn’t? Eventually the balance between eating and running will give out and I’ll be plump. Worth it.

Emily with Parrot

Okay that wasn’t quite everything. One thing to take into consideration when reading this blog is that I’m a bit… errr… expressive. Well, that’s what I call it. Richard says I “have a way with words” and others just say “dramatic”. I’d like to think I add color to this black and white world. Just take whatever I say and reduce it by about 83%.

Let’s practice.

When I say, “I’d like to throw a honey badger in their face”, I actually mean, “I was super peeved that the lady at the deli cut me in line”.