Happy Halloween!

by Emily

This will be a preview of Halloween night at the Beans. We were excited to finally be on the other end of the Halloween festivities—the candy passer-outers! We live next to an elementary school and I’ve seen the neighborhood kids come out in swarms every afternoon. I was determined to be prepared, so I bought a huge bag of candy at Costco. With our dollar store decorations, Halloween music blasting from the windows, and costumes we were ready to welcome some trick or treaters! Unfortunately, we found out a little late into the night that apparently our neighborhood isn’t the good neighborhood. We only got about a dozen trick or treaters and due to my stingy distribution, we were left with almost the whole Costco bag of candy. You live, you learn.




By far the best trick or treaters we had were the McKells!

A.) Because they brought homemade pumpkin cupcakes. (Amazingly yummy)

B.) Because Caroline’s pregnant belly is the cutest I’ve seen and she lets us rub it.

C.) It’s ridiculous to need a third option after the previous two.


We chowed down on pizza*, cupcakes, and candy while we watched the zombie rom com, Warm Bodies. A perfect Halloween night if I do say so myself.


*The pizza was Little Caesars pizza. The cheapest, greasiest, pizza you can buy. Richard let it slip that he would have been a little sad to get married had he known that he would never get to eat Little Caesars again. I was like, “WHAT?! Fine. I’ll pick some up for Halloween.” As I was waiting in line for the pizza I realized that he totally pulled some sort of psychology move on me. Reverse marriage regrets syndrome? I’m sure that’s what it was. Sneaky man.