Oktoberfest & Pumpkin Carving

by Emily

Most of the people in this universe can agree on one thing: October is awesome. We decided to go and celebrate October at our local Oktoberfest. Nothing makes me happier than eating greasy food, window shopping for poorly-made items, and watching drunk people dance in lederhosen. I must admit though, the little girl in her mini-German dress made my heart melt. Add the fact that she was dancing with her Grandma and you just want to yell, “STOP. STOP IT RIGHT NOW”. Ugh my heart strings, they’re getting tugged a lot these days.





In this next picture, try to ignore the fact that I look like an elf and focus on the greatness going on behind us.


Just when I thought the evening couldn’t get better- it did. On our way out we ran into this dynamic duo singing their catchy little tune.


The October goodness didn’t end there. We rushed home to make some homemade caramel corn (click here for the recipe) before our friends came over. Yes, we finally made some FRIENDS! Let me tell you, it gets harder the older you get. When you’re in kindergarten your best friend is the girl you were assigned to sit next to. It’s so convenient, you have everything in common and you can swap hair bows after school; why wouldn’t you be friends? But then you get older and suddenly just finding another couple free on a Saturday night is a real chore.

Stephanie & Jimmy and Ariel & Tim came over for pumpkin carving and a scary movie. For all of you die hards out there, it was “What Lies Beneath” which was ample terrifying enough for us.






And I quote, “Here Emily, I can make your pumpkin SHINE!”. And he did. ^^^



Richard takes pumpkin carving very seriously. He’s willing to help anyone take their pumpkin carving skills to the next level 🙂 ^^^




We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for our outstanding pumpkins, then we realized they will be melty and moldy by Halloween. #pumpkinfail