Our Story

(Guys, read this version)

I first met Emily at the opening BBQ event I help put on with the Graduate Student Society. I was in charge of the communication/advertising of the organization and was always on the lookout for volunteers. Emily came with a couple friends to help out – and even instagramed it.

She was interested in helping out with more events, and I thought she would be a great team member to work with – so before she left the BBQ that day, I took a picture of a raffle ticket the volunteers filled out and I promised to contact her.

I did contact her, and it’s been a blast ever since.

(Girls, read this version)

Well, Richard’s story of “we met at a BBQ, then everything was great” is definitely the guy version of the story. It’s true we did meet at a BBQ. I was volunteering for GSS (Graduate Student Society) and he worked for them as Vice President of Communications. Due to my graduate work in communications, I was placed on his committee. I always figured when I met my future husband for the first time it would be something like in Les Misérables when Cosette and Marius met for the first time (but then also add lightning bolts, a parade, and Journey playing in the background). It wasn’t like that. In fact, we met each other and never thought twice about it.

The following week, he contacted me about meeting on campus for a quick committee meeting. Personal appearance went downhill as soon as I started graduate school, so I was in running gear, make-up-less, and I hadn’t washed my hair in about three days. But I didn’t care – it was just this random Richard guy. When I showed up he was in business casual and I thought, “wow he is totally one of those collared shirt kind of guys, I bet he wears a collared shirt to bed.” Then, he told me he was studying accounting and I just added that to the “collared shirt” to decide he was a complete square. I was ready to expect the driest, most tightly wound guy I could imagine (how judgmental am I?) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was absolutely witty, so interesting, and completely charming. He told me about his love of music, photography, and graphic design; I was intrigued by this artistic accountant. But it didn’t really matter, at the end of the day he was still a bit of a square and to him I would always me this loud Californian girl. We went our separate ways and that was it.

We may have went our separate ways, but that didn’t stop me from texting him some flirty message. He responded with an equally witty text message and this went back and forth until…nothing…no text message back. Whatever, he probably just got busy right? Later I got a mass text from him and I took the opportunity to text him back. Again, back and forth messages until…nothing…no text back! Okay, now I was intrigued. So naturally, I Facebook stalked him. Pictures and pictures of how this guy is a talented superstar and kind of a big deal. Now I officially wanted a first date. The next four weeks were a series of Gchat conversations, text messages, emails, and Facebook messages – nine out of ten times ending with Richard not responding; I was officially frustrated. We’re friends, he isn’t dating anyone, and I’m not a total dog, why can I not get a first date with this guy?! Then began the “fake-out” ask-outs. He would ask me, “have you eaten lunch yet?” and I naturally gave a snarky comment back, to which he would change the subject. I would be left there thinking, “no.. I really wanted to go to lunch!” Then a couple more days would go by, “Emily, what are you doing on Thursday?” and when I told him my mother was going to be in town that evening he changed the subject. I thought, “Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, I’d go out with you literally any other day!” We would meet up in the library, or other places but I was always in the friend zone. Until finally…bum bum buuumm, he asked me out…two minutes before we were supposed to go out and I was trapped volunteering at another event. We agreed to meet up afterwards, aka I told him that he owed me a slurpee. I had to wake up incredibly early the next morning to run a marathon, but I didn’t care. This was my chance to go out with Richard Bean and I was taking it! Two slurpees, one conversation and I saw that man every day until he asked me to marry him.

The part I didn’t know..

I found out a few things later about our pre-dating journey. That mass text message wasn’t a mass text message at all – it was sent to just me and I easily took the bait. Also, he ignored me on purpose. Richard summed up from that first conversation that his normal method for asking out girls wouldn’t work on me. I hate that it worked so well on me. But thank goodness Richard understood me right from the beginning because now we share the most wonderful love. I still tease him about all the times he didn’t respond to me and to that he just says,

“hook, line, and sink er!”

Gold star Richard, gold star.