Ode to Richard.

Richard Joseph Bean is my husband and I love saying that. Loving and marrying him was the easiest choice I’ve ever made. Deciding what to tile this blog page was a much harder choice. If you have met Richard than you would understand why.

The man is literally perfect.

Richard Fishing

I mean… come on… look at that face.

You just made a “pshh” sound, but it’s true. The man is hilarious, brilliant, charming, tender, and ambitious. The only reason I convinced him to marry me is because I told him I would crack awful jokes and cook him delicious food until we were 90 years old. In reality, I’ll be feeding him disgusting food to make sure he makes it to 90 years old… sucker.

Last April, he graduated with his Master’s of Accounting from BYU and minored in being a complete rockstar. He spent the summer swiftly knocking out the CPA exams and transitioned into full-time work with EY. He now works with some pretty fun tech companies here in the Bay Area.


But the main thing you need to know about Richard it’s that he has the brightest heart of gold and I’m lucky to share my life with such as man as him.