San Diego

by Emily

A few weeks ago we went to San Diego for a long weekend. My Grandma isn’t doing very well, so we want to go visit her. Our daily visits weren’t too long as we tried to balance cheering her up versus wearing her out. She is very tired these days, but she is still the same sweet lady I’ve always known. I’ve always been close with my Gram and I’ve dreaded the day when her health would take a turn for the worst. It seems as though those days have come, but I’m greedy to keep asking for more time. It was a lovely visit and I’m glad I got to store a few more memories together.

San Diego -14

San Diego -16

San Diego -15

When we weren’t visiting Grandma, we were soaking up our time in San Diego. Sadly, my brother Nathan was out of town on business that weekend, but Erin was nice enough to host us. My sister-in-law is an incredibly talented cook/food blogger and she spoiled us with amazing food! I never get to see my family enough and it was such a treat to spend the weekend with Erin, Scotty, and my brother John!

San Diego -21

San Diego -22

San Diego -1

^Erin shared this recipe on her blog here ^

If we weren’t mooching off Erin’s delicious food, then we were visiting all of our favorite joints in San Diego. Among them were Con Pane, a sandwich shop so good that no talking is allowed while eating and Phil’s BBQ, one of the only places Richard and I will split a meal and leave totally stuffed. We found out on this trip that the best Mexican food shop in the universe closed. I had a mini stroke while I stood there looking inside the vacant building. It’s been a family favorite for years and I sent out a group family text so that we could have a moment of silence. Instead I took Richard to a Mexican joint that I’ve eaten at since I was 5 yrs old. The man who owns it now has salt & peppered hair and their salsa bar is just as good as it’s always been. Northern California is great, but they still haven’t clued into amazing Mexican food.

San Diego -4

San Diego -5

San Diego -3

San Diego -2

The only tourist thing I took Richard too was the sea lions down in La Jolla. I never took him last time and it seemed to be a “must do” if you have family ties to San Diego. When we weren’t touristing or eating we were at home with Erin and Scotty. My nephew is such a little ham and it’s so fun to see his bright, excited personality. I love that little boy! Erin is the greatest Mom and watching the two of them interact was so sweet.

San Diego -20

San Diego -18

San Diego -19

San Diego -13

San Diego -11

San Diego -10

San Diego -12

If you can’t handle a healthy amount of cheese, then I’d advise you to skip over the next few photos. We finally invested in a tripod. Richard saw this investment as an opportunity to take great night time photos and I saw family photos where my arm isn’t stretched out to take it. My blogging privileges haven’t been revoked yet; we will see if this does the trick!

San Diego -7

San Diego -9

San Diego -8

Love that man.