Sheryl’s Wedding

by Emily

My dearest Sheryl is married! Words cannot express how thrilled I am for her. She has definitely paid her dues in the world of dating and she finally met her perfect match. Matt really is perfect for her, like truly perfect. I loved seeing her laugh and happy cry and just beam through her whole wedding day. She looked simply radiant and I couldn’t have wished for anything better. They got married in the beautiful Provo City Center temple. I was so excited to get to go inside and see all the beautiful design work. I was 25 weeks pregnant with the twins and was definitely feeling it. Between the traveling and spending the night before on my feet at my baby shower, I was mostly just trying to hide how swollen my ankles were. Eek! Bless Sheryl for picking a maternity friendly bridesmaid dress. It helped that I was one of four pregnant bridesmaids. Yes, FOUR! During the reception Matt and Sheryl danced on the dance floor the whole time. Just how I always imagined her wedding reception would be. I made a few appearances on the dance floor, but for the most part I propped my feet up and ate banana pudding. The perks of being a pregnant lady.

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