Twin Pregnancy

by Emily


I wouldn’t recommend being pregnant during the Texas summer. There really isn’t a way to avoid summertime in Texas though considering it’s hot about 300 days of the year. I’m exaggerating a little, but it was truly a hot summer this year! Luckily most of my pregnancy has been spent in an air-conditioned office or in our extremely air-conditioned apartment, so I haven’t been too uncomfortable. Richard has spent most of the summer wrapped up in a blanket because our apartment is so cold. Luckily I have the trump card with “I’m pregnant with twins”. Speaking of Richard, he is the same prince charming he always is. Back rubs, cooking me dinner, carrying me to bed… you name it. I can’t say it enough, I don’t deserve that man.

I don’t have much to compare my pregnancy with since this is my first, but it seems to be going better than I ever expected. The twins have continually measured well and I haven’t had too many ailments. The first trimester was plagued with the typical sickness and extreme exhaustion. The second trimester was wonderful, expect for the awkward phase of people being unsure if I was pregnant or let myself go. The third trimester has just been uncomfortable, but so exciting because every week we get closer and closer to meeting our sweet ones. I’ve prayed my heart out that they would stay in place and not come early. Despite being extremely pregnant, it hasn’t stopped Richard and I from getting out and enjoying our last few weeks with just the two of us. He is patient with my slow pace and my waddling around from place to place. He even convinced me to use one of those electric wheel chairs on our last visit to Target. I must say, it was so divine to not have to walk. My stomach is just so heavy, I can’t stand or walk for very long. I will be excited for the day when he doesn’t have to pull me and my large belly out of the car anymore.

I am so grateful for the experience to be pregnant. I wasn’t sure that I would ever have the opportunity to feel this. We weren’t going to give up on having kids if IVF didn’t work, but some of those alternative avenues would have meant that I wouldn’t get to experience pregnancy. It has been such a joy to feel my little twins kick inside my belly, have the hiccups and flip around. I’ve loved seeing my belly grow larger and larger to the point that I have trouble even putting on my shoes. All those cliches about pregnancy are so true and I’m just glad I got to see the humor of all of it. It has been such a blessing and I’m so very grateful.

Pregnancy- Blog-1

Richard is the best partner to have around when shopping for maternity clothes.

Pregnancy- Blog-4

4th of July at our friends Nicole and Brad’s house. Not pictured: me spilling searing hot baked beans into my lap!

Pregnancy- Blog-2

Richard putting together one of four thousand baby items and then disposing of the oodles of packaging.

Pregnancy- Blog-3
This is deceiving. I didn’t work out nearly as much as I should have, but those seemed to be the times

I snapped a photo of my growing belly. 
Pregnancy- Blog-6

The nursery! We gave up on a coordinated theme and just did two different styles.

Pregnancy- Blog-7

Pregnancy- Blog-8

Pregnancy- Blog-9

Saying goodbye to my work friends.

Pregnancy- Blog-10

Dragging (emphasis on the word “DRAG”) Richard to the infant prep classes.

Pregnancy- Blog-11

Nearing the end!

Pregnancy- Blog-12

Pregnancy- Blog-13

Thank you gifts for the nurses. I must note that Richard helped me assemble all of these.

Pregnancy- Blog-14

Last girl’s night out before the babies arrive. Kelsey and Nicole have made my Texas experience.

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